Schedule of Classes Booklet

Assignment: Cover for the 5.25x8.5, 20 page booklet containing information on the Mission Campus departments, classes, programs and calendar. I took the photo of the mural in the hallway just inside the entrance of the Mission Campus. It was scanned at 4-color (below) then converted to a duotone so that it would print on a two-color press. Photo Editing in PhotoShop 5 and Layout in Quark XPress 4.

Mural Painting

Assignment: Uning Illustrator 8 re-create mural painting over the Student Union Buliding for a two color brochure.

Playland Magazine

Not for the Tourists--an insiders view of what's happening in San Francisco


Class Assignment:

Left: Cover for a fictional magazine about San Francisco. I took the photos of the old Playland at the Beach carousel at it's brand new location at Yerba Buena Gardens.

Below:Two page spread article. Text was downloaded from a Playland internet web site*, as was the white carousel horse in the upper left corner. The Camel photo and the gargolye photo are more of my photos. The poster illustration of the old Playland at the Beach by the artist Leo Mora was ordered online from the web site: *http://www.sonic.net/~playland/playland.html

Magazine Article: Two Page Spread 

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